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Freitag, 8. Juni 2012

Dear Friends of English literature, 

finally, after all the waiting, my dream project has come true: my bestseller THE BACK DOOR has been translated into English and is available for you on Amazon Kindle as an eBook to download. My wonderful translator Sabine Eismann has made a tremendous effort with the work, and under my command she's done something else: The mystery thriller has been completely updated and carefully adapted to the present day. In addition, the story was moved to a U.S. city and adjusted to the local conditions. So it is now more an American than a German book. THE BACK DOOR was a hugely successful book here in Germany, and was filmed for the big screen two years ago, with Mads Mikkelsen (James Bond: Casino Royal) in the leading role. Currently a Hollywood remake is well underway. The story itself is a human tragedy in horror and mystery form, and leaves nothing to be desired in the thrill department. I wish you all a lot of fun reading, and hopefully you bring along a lot of time. After all, if you once have begun to read THE BACK DOOR, you probably will hardly be able to stop until you have left the last line behind. 

I wish you all the love in this world!

Akif Pirincci

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